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About us

Gupta Strategists is an independent consultancy firm for organisations in the healthcare sector, in the Netherlands and abroad. We analyse complex issues and come up with practical solutions or innovative ideas.

At Gupta, we work from a position of trust. You don't have to write hours and you control your own agenda. Our organisational structure is flat and we don't do elbow-work here.

We believe it is extremely important that our consultants get energy from their work. That's why we give you all the space you need to discover what you're passionate about. You are the one that's in control when it comes to mapping out your career path.

You lead the way, we facilitate.

International opportunities

Adding value not only in the Netherlands, but also abroad. Since 2019, one of our teams has been based in the Middle East, in Qatar. On a frequent basis, we participate in international projects.

"When we are not working at the customer's office, we work at a variety of inspiring locations. Of course, it is also possible to work at home.

On Fridays we get together with all our colleagues, sometimes even more often. So we don't have a permanent office, but we meet at inspiring and central locations in the country."

Niels Hagenaars - Strategy consultant

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