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Consultants in een meeting over een strategieproject

Curious about our application process?

It consists of 2 rounds of 3 interviews each. Each interview consists of a 'fit interview' and a 'case interview'.

Show us who you are

In the first part of each interview - the fit interview - we are curious about who you are, what you have accomplished and what your ambitions are. We will give you an insight into the culture at Gupta, so that together we can explore whether this is a good fit for you.

Show us what you are capable of

Besides your personality, we are also very curious about your skills. The second part - the case interview - of each interview consists of a case. We introduce a situation and a problem. It's up to you to solve this problem and come up with an advice within half an hour.


Did you make it to the finish line in one piece? Great! Then we would like to welcome you in our team! You will receive an offer from us as soon as possible, and of course we will explain it to you in detail. You can start whenever you like: the very next day, or after a few months if that is more convenient.

Case interviewing, what is that?

A case interview allows us to get an accurate impression of your capabilities as a future consultant. During this interview, you try to solve a strategic issue. At the start of the case interview, you will receive important information about the issue, which you will use to get started. Based on your findings and analyses, you will present your conclusion at the end of the interview.

The cases usually do not have a right or wrong answer; we pay more attention to how you come to an answer than to the answer itself. Our cases are about various subjects, both within and outside the healthcare sector. Knowledge of healthcare is not required.

Good to know

How can I prepare for the interview?

Read about case interviewing in detail and practise plenty of cases, online and in real-life. We offer every applicant the opportunity to practice a case with one of our colleagues. This is entirely without judgement and you will receive sufficient tips for your first real interview.

What skills do you assess?

We believe it is important that a strategy consultant is analytically sharp, performs well in a group and is eager to learn. In the case interviews, we also test your mathematical and communication skills, judgement and creativity.

My first interview is scheduled, is there an opportunity to practice cases with you?

Yes, definitely. We offer every candidate who is invited for a first round the opportunity to schedule a practice case with one of our colleagues. This conversation does not count as part of the assessment of your first interview and you will receive useful tips.

We are always looking for new colleagues! Have a look at our vacancies and apply straight away!

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