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Alberto belt met consultant om samen strategisch project voort te zetten

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Are you analytical, communicative, result-oriented and eager to learn? Looking for a job in strategy consulting with a strong focus on you as a person?

Scroll for our vacancies, practice a case or click on the button below to read more about the application process. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. See you soon!

Working on high-impact projects in healthcare in combination with a broad personal development. As a strategy consultant at Gupta, this is the essence of your work. In addition, you will receive every opportunity to show your entrepreneurial and creative sides.

"Why did I choose to join Gupta? Primarily because of the type of assignments we do. The focus on healthcare and the social value it brings really appeals to me. In addition, I noticed a genuine, personal interest in me as a person in all the interviews. I thought that was really unique! During my first weeks here, I noticed what a special team is working here. Gupta consists of a group of ambitious and entrepreneurial people with an eye for results, but also for each other. Everyone is very helpful and there is no elbow-work."

Floor Steegh - Strategy Consultant

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